Granite Slabs for GTA Homes

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Find out why granite slabs for GTA homes are a favourite among Torontonians. Read some of the myths about granite, and how they can be debunked.
One of the most popular home accents for discerning homeowners is the granite countertop. This natural stone is tough, durable, easy to clean and maintain, and beautifully unique. However, you’ll find information online that raises questions about granite. Sometimes companies that sell alternatives to natural stone inflate minor concerns or perpetrate myths about granite. To learn about some of the so-called disadvantages of granite countertops, continue reading.

Myths About Granite

  • Granite is expensive. Granite is, in fact, more expensive than laminate or other types of synthetic countertops. However, when you factor in how durable granite is, its cost-effectiveness becomes clear. Granite endures, and a well maintained granite countertop will last the lifetime of your home – and beyond! Also, because granite is available in many different varieties, the price varies. Many types of granite are comparable in price to other countertop materials.
  • Weight. Some critics assert that granite countertops are so heavy that they cause problems for cabinets. Anyone who has a granite countertop can tell you that a well-built kitchen or bathroom cabinets can easily accommodate stone. However, the weight of a granite countertop does mean that you will need a professional installer.
  • Maintenance is onerous. Maintaining a granite countertop generally takes less than an hour once a year. Simply clean the countertop, spray sealer on, leave it for fifteen minutes, then wipe away the excess.
  • Foods can stain granite. In fact, as long as you maintain your countertop and avoid leaving acidic liquids on the surface for periods of time, staining is rare.
  • Cleansers can stain granite. It’s true that bleach or other harsh cleansers may stain granite. However, there’s no reason to use bleach, since granite can be cleaned adequately with plain soap and water. Besides, bleach can also be toxic to humans.
  • Radon is released from granite. Some granites could contain uranium and could emit radon. However, in the vast majority of cases, these levels are not expected to be significant. Health Canada completed a study in February 2010 of 33 types of granite commonly purchased in Canada and none were found to have significant levels of radon.
  • Not easy to replace. Replacing a granite countertop can take some time and effort. Fortunately, homeowners rarely get tired of their beautiful, durable, natural stone countertops!

GTA Importers

The best way to learn more about granite and how to select a slab is to visit a GTA stone supplier. The best companies import and distribute stone, and can tell you everything you need to know about it. These importers often maintain a large showroom with hundreds of types of stone. You’ll see granite in neutral tones, jewel tones, highly patterned, subtly patterned, and everything in between.
Suppliers don’t sell to the general public, only to fabricators, but you can shop for the slab you want, and "tag” or reserve it. The supplier will fax the fabricator all the necessary details so that he/she can order it on your behalf.
Choose durable, beautiful granite for your home – it’s a rock solid choice!